NSSP Library


The NSSP has acquired the following selection of informative and engaging DVDs which are now available for NSSP scholars to checkout. Please contact Jason Darensburg at jdarrens@unm.edu or (505) 277-3223 to check their availability status.

*NEW* Ken Burns' VIETNAM (2017)

102 Minutes that changed America
Afghanistan Revealed
Arab & Jews: Return to the Promise Land
Black Gold: The Story of Oil
Border Wars
Brain Games
China Inside Out
CIA and the Nazis
CIA Confidential
Combat Training
Corpse Tech
Deadliest Weapons
Drugged: Marijuana, Cocaine, and Ecstasy
FBI's Crime Lab
Fight Science
Forensic Science
Gas Tech
Great Decision in Foreign Policy
Heavy Metals
How the State got their Shapes
Inside 9/11: The War Continues
Inside Bioterror
Inside Guantanamo
Inside Mecca
Inside the DEA
Inside the Meltdown
Inside the State Dept.
Inside the U.S. Secret Service
Korea: The Forgotten War
Money, Power, and Wall Street
Pearl Harbor 24 hours after
Renewable Energy
Secrets of Oil
Spy Technology
Strange Weapons
Terror Tech: Military
The Ascent of Money: A financial History of the World
The Great Depression
The Manhattan Project
Trinity & Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie
Vietnam (War)
Weapons of Mass Destruction 
World's Most Dangerous Drug
World's Most Dangerous Gang
WW I & WW II - Complete History