Related Programs

New Mexico Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory

The University of New Mexico  hosts a FBI-sponsored Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (RCFL) and is one of only two universities in the nation to be directly affiliated with a RCFL. This is a digital forensics laboratory where a highly trained Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) and certified examiners conduct forensic examinations of digital media, such as computers, in support of an investigation and/or prosecution of a federal, state, or local crime.  For students interested in finding out about opportunities for learning and collaboration through this partnership, contact  the UNM Center for Information Assurance Research and Education (CIARE).

UNM  Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education

UNM is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Information Assurance  Education (IAE),which is hosted through the UNM Anderson School of Management’s Center for Information Assurance Research and Education (CIARE). This academic group has initiated a master’s degree in Information Assurance, which is part of the move at UNM to enhance national security programs. The UNM IC-CAE will work with this group to bring the CIARE curriculum to IC-CAE NSSP students and to engage CIARE students in the IC-CAE NSSP.

International Business Students Global

International Business Studenst Global (IBSG) is a group of global and international business professionals comprised of the highest caliber students at the University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Management interested in questions of international management, corporate citizenship, and the global political economy.  IBSG a not-for-profit organization offering "microconsultancy", small but effective consultation, for companies that are conducting large-scale projects. Additionally, the group assists smaller entities who want to enhance their current activities in the context of the global political economy. IBSG believes that by identifying smaller issues, whether they are logistical, systemic, financial, or organizational, private and public sector entities can improve their overall responsiveness to global scale phenomena.   

Albuquerque Committee on Foreign Relations

The Albuquerque Committee on Foreign Relations (AbqCFR) is a non–profit, non–partisan membership organization devoted to promoting improved understanding of international affairs through the free exchange of ideas.  AbqCFR strives to promote a broader understanding of the world  by bringing informed speakers who share their knowledge with the membership and engage in give and take on their area of expertise. Because of the membership's experiences and interest in international affairs, dialogue amongst participants often brings new and enriching perspectives to our place in the world community at large.

Members gather each month for dinner and an evening of discussion with a scholar, diplomat, or policymaker of special competence in an aspect of foreign relations. Meetings are informal and usually held on a not–for–attribution basis in order to encourage candid presentations, frank answers to members' questions, and open discussion among members and visiting speakers. Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in foreign affairs.

Association of Former Intelligence Officers

The Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) New Mexico local chapter strives to create a safe haven, and relaxing environment, for the intelligence community to fellowship with one another,and the discussion of topics relevant to the community. Meetings are held monthly.  All persons wishing to attend a meeting must receive permission from one of the officers listed on the Meeting and Location page of the website.