Research Papers reviewed by Faculty Committee

NSSP Global and National Security Research Series

These papers have been reviewed and accepted for NSSP Web listing. These papers can be cited and referenced. This listing does not constitute a formal publication of the research work. The work may be published in an expanded or modified form and when that occurs it will also be referenced here. Papers are reviewed by a NSSP committee consisting of Professors Dr. Ken Carpenter, Emile Nakhleh, and James Tegnelia.

Torin Hovander: Russia’s Abandonment of North Korea: The Decline of Russian-North Korean Relations in the Post-Cold War Period

Joseph T. Page II: Piercing the Jungle Canopy: Using U.S. Remote Sensing Data to Reduce Latin American Rural Food Insecurity

Alfred Pinkerton: The Iran Equation: Using Analytical tools and DIME analysis to inform Policy

David Vazquez: US Cyber Security Readiness; Key Issues within Civilian Critical Power Generation Infrastructure

Chaz Clark: Montañas, caos, y plata; Las condiciones mundiales comunes para grupos violentos sin estados