NSSP Scholar Research Project Initiatives

Individual Research

Developing analytic skills for careers in government and international agencies, business, and think-tanks requires practice in research, analyzing sources, constructing judgments, writing appropriately, and briefing the resulting analysis. The NSSP supports several ways to gain and practice these skills. Opportunities are announced to scholars and NSSP welcomes students to inquire as to the process.

The NSSP sponsors three special opportunities for research and publication that includes working with members of the NSSP academic team. The primary research effort ideally will start early in an academic career and continue for several years culminating in a mature article to be published in the NSSP Research Series on the NSSP web. General research topics should be related to global and national security with particular emphasis on US policy, impact, and interests. Other types of reports are shorter and include reports on some aspect of study abroad or other related activities such as an internship. Included in all these activities are stipends to support the research and writing. Stipends are individually determined based on level of effort, length of effort and quality of effort. Stipends are targeted to various benchmarks in the process, which can be terminated by the student or NSSP at any stage.