Intelligence Community Critical Competencies

The first step for prospective candidates, who are uncertain as to where their abilities and interest might fit within one of the IC agencies, is to review each agencies' mission and become familiar with the Intelligence Community Directive 610 (ICD-610), a competency directory for IC workforce. 

There are no standard prerequisite courses for candidates seeking a career in the IC, but some attributes and competencies are valuable. Listed below are some of the competencies, disciplines, and specializations that are important to IC mission. Many competencies have applications in multiple areas.

This list is not exhaustive and is provided only to show the range of the IC's interest.

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Intelligence Community Directive 610

The Intelligence Community Directive 610 (ICD-610) establishes policy for identifying and disseminating IC-wide departmental and component-specific competencies. 

The ICD-610 Consolidated Competency Table:


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