9/11 Ten Years After: Evolving Threats and U.S. Responses

The National Security Studies Program (NSSP) hosts at least one scholar symposium every school year. The symposium is usually a two day affair with diverse speakers and topics arranged around a central theme. Students attend sessions that fit their academic schedule. This year a two day symposium entitled “9/11 Ten Years After:  Evolving Threats and U.S. Responses”, was held on September 22-23, 2011 in the UNM Student Union Building. 

The symposium, which is open to all UNM students, faculty, staff and the UNM community, included national experts discussing the causes and many changes in our lives since the attack on New York and Washington D.C., and what we can expect and plan for in the future.   Session topics included: The Muslim brotherhood, Al-Qa’ida and franchise terror groups, U.S. Intelligence and Espionage in New Mexico; The terrorist choices: nuclear, bio or cyber? and much more. Reception was held with the speakers in the Honors Forum Space. The event was co-sponsored by UNM Office of Student Affairs (OSA), International Studies Institute (ISI), and the Center for Science, Technology & Policy (CSTP).

Symposium Agenda & Selected Presentations

Agenda and Speakers' Biographies
2011 National Security Symposium

Why the 9/11 threat to the US?                                                                        
Emile Nakhleh, Research Professor of Political Science, UNM and former senior CIA Analyst

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qa’ida, and Franchise Terror Groups
Emile Nakhleh, Research Professor of Political Science, UNM and former senior CIA Analyst

The terrorist choices: nuclear, bio or cyber?
William G. Rhodes III, Senior Manager, International Security Systems Group, Sandia National Laboratory, US Intelligence

The Terrorist Mindset: Motivations for Political Violence
Edward MacKerrow, Director, Center for the Scientific Analysis of Emerging Threats, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Is a response still needed - how does the US counter world terrorist threats today? 
Bradley C. Hosmer, Retired Lieutenant General (USAF)

Individual Rights: How has 9/11 affected each of us?
Dawinder Sidhu, Assistant Professor of Law, UNM