Announcements (as of 4/7/22)

Summer Research Opportunity Information

Twenty students from UNM campuses will be chosen for stipends of $3,000 to conduct research, write an 8-page research paper, and present a poster on a topic involving global, national, or human security.[1] Students should identify a designated faculty member to serve as a mentor. Projects must be completed during the summer (June - July). Stipends will be awarded in the summer term when the project paper and a poster are submitted and approved.  Posters will be presented in September 2022 as part of the UNM Global, National, and Human Security Symposium. Outstanding papers may be chosen for an oral presentation by their authors at the Symposium.

[1] Human Security as envisioned in UN 2012 General Assembly resolution 66/290, addresses widespread and cross-cutting challenges to the survival, livelihood, and dignity of people, including environmental, climate, and personal security and safety.

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Here is a bibliography of recent publications on global and national security issues - perhaps one might stimulate a topic for a summer research project.  Specifically, the book reviews are generally useful on topics that might be of interest.