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Global and National Security Studies at The University of New Mexico

The mission of the Global and National Security Studies programs at the University of New Mexico (UNM) is to ensure that interested students develop the knowledge, skills and relationships necessary to successfully prepare and compete for successful careers working in global, national and human security, and related fields.

The Global and National Security Programs consists of: 

The GNSPI is the umbrella organization that coordinates security studies programs at UNM.  It also manages a professional and interdisciplinary master’s degree program in Global and National Security.  Courses are taught primarily through on-line modules and in-person meetings with instructors, and designed to provide the workforce and UNM students with a broader context of security issues that affect their current or future work. 

The NSSP prepares students – from a broader spectrum of disciplines – for work in the sixteen federal intelligence agencies, State Department, military, or global, national and human security professions in NGOs or the private sector. It draws on the fields of business, law, communications, social sciences, public health, the humanities and many other areas of specialization.   NSSP supports an undergraduate concentration in Global and National Security (GNS) within the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree program in University College, and a Certificate in National Security and Strategic Analysis (NSSA). 

The CTSP prepares student scholars specifically for careers related to emerging critical needs in the intelligence agencies and general field of security studies, including computer science, cyber and data security and emerging technical areas like artificial intelligence (AL), machine learning, information technology, engineering, statistics, applied mathematics, global information studies, visualization and social networks, physical and natural sciences, geography, psychology, etc.   The CTSP, based at the UNM main campus, also works with the New Mexico Critical Technology Studies Consortium, which includes UNM branches campuses in Gallup, Los Alamos, and Valencia; Northern NM College; San Juan College; Navajo Technical University; and New Mexico Highlands University.  

Click on the links above for more information about each of the three program areas. 

The next UNM Annual Symposium is set for

April 7-8, 2020                   UNM SUB Ballroom A

The UNM Annual Symposium brings together noted security experts from around the world together with UNM faculty and students to discuss the most critical issues in security studies and intelligence.

 As critical technologies move at neck-breaking pace and as these technologies begin to create unprecedented challenges to our national security and democratic way of life, the University of New Mexico’s global and national security programs will dedicate the 2019 annual symposium to these issues.

A map of UNM's central campus can be found here.

For more information about the program, call Dr. Frank Gilfeather at (505) 269-0346 or Jason Darensburg at (505) 277-3223 or make an appointment at gilfeath@unm.edu, or jdarrens@unm.edu. NSSP / CTSP Offices are in Electrical & Computer Engineering Building, suite 137A,B&C. phone: 277-3223. 

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