Global, National, and Human Security Programs

The mission of the University of New Mexico Global, National, and Human Security (GNHS) Program is to ensure that interested students develop the knowledge, skills and relationships necessary to successfully compete for government, civic and non-government organizations or private sector careers that address our most pressing security issues at the international, national, state, local, community, and tribal levels.


About Us

GNHS at the University of New Mexico is a student-focused initiative helping students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to address major problems in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. GNHS is tailored to prepare students from a broad spectrum of disciplinary and professional areas of study for careers that help make the world a safer place by addressing global, national and human security issues.


The GNHS program offers an undergraduate degree concentration (GNS) and two certificate programs (NSSA and CSHS, which are noted along with majors and minors on UNM transcripts). GNHS is also designated by the federal government as an Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence (IC-CAE). In addition, there is one professional master’s degree (PMSGNS) which is offered through the affiliated Global, National Securities Studies Institute (GNSPI).  Global and National Security denotes collective and individual protection of nations, states, and communities while Human Security encompasses safety and well-being of people and groups through environment, economics, health, and justice, as differentiated from national and state security.

The GNHS programs are designed for students at both the pre-baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate level and are by itheir nature multi-disciplinary and integrative. It draws upon business, law, the sciences, health sciences, the humanities and many other academic fields, sponsors and supports university courses, internships and other professional development experiences. It aims to:

  • Provide interesting course work, seminars and speakers and other events on a wide range of GNHS security related issues.
  • Encourage students to explore opportunities for foreign language study and education abroad programs. 
  • Develop critical thinking and skills in innovative quantitative and qualitative research. 
  • Challenge and engage students and provide career and personal development opportunities.  
  • Acknowledge student accomplishment in GNHS studies through degree concentrations and professional certificate programs designated on transcripts.

The Global, National, and Human Security Program emphasizes theoretical and practical preparation in four critical areas:

  1. Command of research, analysis and critical thinking skills.
  2. Expertise in science, social sciences, liberal arts, professional fields, policy studies and understanding of the complex interactions among science, technology, and policy.
  3. Knowledge of international, national, regional and local security issues of importance that impact human beings and societies,
  4. Proficiency in foreign languages; context-sensitive studies; science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health fields; excellence in oral and written communications and media.

The program also seeks to coordinate and support other activities on campus with related goals. It provides for enrichment activities designed to augment preparation in traditional disciplinary majors for security related professions, through lectures, hands on simulation exercises and the UNM Annual Security Studies Symposium; funding for individual research projects; individual mentoring by faculty and professionals in the intelligence community; internships and externships to gain practical experience in security work while you are still a student; opportunities to attend workshops, seminars, professional conferences and other relevant programs off campus or out of state; and frequent access to recruiters and working professionals in the broadly defined global, national, and human security fields.


Become a GNHS Scholar

Principal characteristics of GNHS Scholar are a desire to make a positive difference in the world, interest in career preparation for a government security agency or a related local, national and international career, ability to think critically, and developing excellent written and oral communication skills. Students become GNHS Scholars by actively particitating in GNHS opportunities.


GNHS is part of University College (UC) and is affiliated with the Global and National Security Institute (GNSPI) at UNM. Our GNHS Degree, Certificate Offerings, and programs are listed on the left.