2020 Symposium

Global, National, and Human Security:

Cyber, New Media, and Politics

11th Annual Symposium

April 7-8, 2019, Events in UNM SUB Ballroom A


Security is always a critical topic but never more than now with world events testing old alliances and environment issues testing human endurance. The 2020 symposium will focus on the roles that critical technologies (computer science including AI, cybersecurity, and applications; data including data science, forensics, and analysis; new media including, evolving forms, access, restrictions, and regulations; etc.) play in safeguarding or undermining our global, national, and human security. We explore all of this in our UNM 11th Annual Global, National, and Human Security Symposium April 7-8, 2020 at the University of New Mexico.


As critical technologies move at neck-breaking pace and as these technologies begin to create unprecedented challenges to our national security and democratic way of life, the University of New Mexico’s global and national security programs will dedicate the 2020 annual symposium to these issues. The intersection of traditional and technology-based threats and challenges will be the focus of the different keynote and panel presentations. Although regional threats persist, we foresee over the next decade an alarming rise of new challenges and threats because of new technologies and their use by sinister international actors - states and non-states alike. We are assembling a group of distinguished speakers from across the country and from UNM faculty to ponder these challenges and chart a path - through research and education - to help our communities understand what drives these threats and challenges and assess their impact on our community, state, the nation, and globally.


All of our CTSP student scholars are expected to attend as many of the Symposium sessions as possible.  For students not studying at UNM main or Valencia campuses, we can cover travel and housing expenses for the two-day program in Albuquerque.